Cooling Top Display Series

Hotel kitchens, shopping malls, restaurants, sugar shops, sushi restaurants, buffets, pizzerias.

Small pizza maker, direct cooling refrigeration system, with GN score plate。

Precise temperature control, air-cooled, frost-free, energy saving, imported accessories, environmentally friendly refrigerant。

Anti-drying, anti-frosting, anti-adhesion, anti-odor。

Features and Benefits

Digital temperature control display:

Make temperature control more precise and protect the compressor for a long time。

Brand compressor:

Master the core refrigeration technology, Embraco compressor。

Large cooling port:

Keep the working group in a clean environment and make the parts more durable。

Rescue screw:

Make the freezer stronger and more stable, safe to use。

GN score plate:

Arbitrary collocation according to size, free combination。

High-density foam layer:

Polyurethane high-density filling, fine foam layer, large uniform density Effectively isolate the external heat and effectively lock the air conditioner。

Cooling Top Display Series